Better Mind Program

Experience Profound Happiness with the Better Mind Program, a 10 session introductory coaching program:

Dare to Dream: Begin Your Journey Now!

Do you feel trapped in the rat race? Are you looking for balance in your life?

Allow us to guide you through the most important journey in your life; your journey to freedom and profound happiness!

Imagine waking every morning, refreshed and full of enthusiasm for the day ahead. How good would it feel if every day felt like best day of your life Imagine yourself as excited and as curious as a child again, grateful for all the newfound freedom in your life.

You might think that’s not possible. You are too old. Too much has happened. And, what if it was possible? What if you could learn simple tools to free yourself? What if it became easy to experience freedom and profound happiness every day of your life?

Dare to Dream, and come on a journey of profound happiness!

Book today for your 30min introduction valued at $99, absolutely FREE to you, no obligation! Call Eva on 0414 612 369.

10 Steps to Profound Happiness with the Better Mind Program

Your journey to profound happiness (10 Sessions)

Step 1 Getting to know yourself

Step 2 Discover your purpose in life

Step 3 Understand what makes you tick, why you react in a certain way, and how to change this

Step 4 Expose your core values

Step 5 Eliminate your saboteurs

Step 6 Get rid of limiting beliefs

Step 7 Empower yourself

Step 8 Remove any last vestige of what’s holding you back

Step 9 Permanently lock in the “New You’”

Step 10 Celebrate the new you



“My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Eva at a recent course we attended. Both our lives changed as a result of meeting Eva. I would have not a moment’s hesitation in making a recommendation concerning her quality as an individual and her ability to change lives.” October 12, 2008 Gary Francis, Director, 21st Living Pty Limited

“I have no hesitation in recommending Eva to anyone requiring the services of an exceptionally caring, knowledgeable and supportive healthcare professional. I’m so pleased that I placed my trust in Eva to undertake ‘The Journey’, as it has been a life-changing experience.” June 4, 2008 Phillip Minett

“I’m writing to say thank you for my new life. I was hesitant at first about what I would gain from this experience as I have done similar sessions before, however with your help and guidance I can now say without a doubt that my life has changed. I am more confident and self assured and less stressed by outside influences. I face new challenges with ease and feel that I am more open and loving towards my family and friends.I have been able to set a goal for the future and for me that’s a huge step as I was never able to plan more than a few days ahead. I have learned that although the end goal may be a year or two away, there are lots of smaller goals to achieve along the way and reaching each of those is a victory for me. With the tools you have given me and the confidence I have gained, I know that I will be able to reach that goal.” August, 25, 2009 Sue, North Rocks