Life Coaching and Journey Work

Coaching for Life

Are you living the life that you deserve?

Coaching can help with all aspects of your life; from personal development, and enhancing personal relationships, through to improving your finances or advancing your career.

Our aim is to help you discover what you truly want in life, and provide you with the tools, strategies and resources to achieve those goals. Coaching concentrates on solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Your coach is there for you to facilitate and support you by using their coaching tools, and empower you to transform your life and truly achieve your goals.

Our hourly rate for Coaching is $250. Pre-paid Coaching Programs and monthly packages are available at attractive prices. Read more about the Better Mind Program.

Journey Therapy

The Journey is a deeply transformational and profound therapy form that can access stored emotions and cell memories. With easy to do processes, you can cut through the lies and layers of protection and come to a place of
forgiveness, wholeness and freedom.

Journey Therapy addresses emotional and physical issues, and helps you rediscover your true self.

Our hourly rate for Journey Work is $250. Pre-paid Journey Work Programs and monthly packages are available at attractive prices.


“My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Eva at a recent course we attended. Both our lives changed as a result of meeting Eva. I would have not a moment’s hesitation in making a recommendation concerning her quality as an individual and her ability to change lives.”
October 12, 2008
Gary Francis, Director, 21st Living Pty Limited

“I have no hesitation in recommending Eva to anyone requiring the services of an exceptionally caring, knowledgeable and supportive healthcare professional. I’m so pleased that I placed my trust in Eva to undertake ‘The Journey’, as it has been a life-changing experience.”
June 4, 2008
Phillip Minett

“I’m writing to say thank you for my new life. I was hesitant at first about what I would gain from this experience as I have done similar sessions before, however with your help and guidance I can now say without a doubt that my life has changed.
I am more confident and self assured and less stressed by outside influences. I face new challenges with ease and feel that I am more open and loving towards my family and friends.I have been able to set a goal for the future and for me that’s a huge step as I was never able to plan more than a few days ahead. I have learned that although the end goal may be a year or two away, there are lots of smaller goals to achieve along the way and reaching each of those is a victory for me. With the tools you have given me and the confidence I have gained, I know that I will be able to reach that goal.”
August, 25, 2009
Sue, North Rocks

Reach for profound happiness with Eva Tzschaschel. She is a fully qualified Master NLP Practitioner, Results Coach, Performance Consultant and an accredited and recommended Journey Practitioner. Eva is trained in Life Coaching, Hypnosis and Holistic Counselling.

Eva is an enthusiastic, caring and empathetic health professional. She is passionate about body and soul care, dedicating her time to Coaching, Journey Work and Massage Therapies. Eva has a wealth of life experience, including family and work, so her clients benefit from her understanding and openness.

Today, Eva feels that her clients can benefit greatly from Journey Work, and she offers Life Coaching, NLP and Journey Therapy for adults, teenagers and children.

Issues Eva has helped her clients achieve true work-life balance, reach their full potential and resolve issues such as grief, anger, fears and anxiety, sexual abuse, domestic violence, emotional abuse, feelings of neglect and abandonment, addictions, low self-esteem, and physical illnesses.

Read more about The Journey at The Journey Website