Massage Therapy

Massage relieves muscle tension and improves muscle tone. It encourages better circulation in the body while providing a relaxing environment. Massage can help with stress, tension, headaches, back pain and muscular problems.

Please discuss with your therapist what type of massage suits you best:

Remedial Massage: Applying remedial massage techniques to your problems is our specialty. Discover how you can recover from muscular problems faster; relieve pain, and aid the body’s recovery and healing qualities. Remedial Massage is claimable with your private health fund. 30mins $65, 45mins $85, 60mins $100, 90mins $130

Therapeutic Massage or Swedish Massage: A relaxing massage, using long gentle flowing movements. It is a great treatment for alleviating stress and improving vitality in your body. 30mins $65, 45mins $85, 60mins $100,  90mins $130

Lymphatic Drainage: This type of massage encourages lymphatic drainage. It is both healing and soothing, helping you sustain a healthy body and immune system. 30mins $65, 45mins $85,  60mins $100, 90mins $130

Reflexology: This is a gentle and non invasive form of massage on the feet, using a range of pressures from strong/firm to gentle/relaxing. Pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the feet that correspond to organs or glands in the body. This allows the body to return to a harmonious state of being; improving circulation, boosting immune
function and reducing stress. 30mins $65, 45mins $85, 60mins $100, 90mins $130

Pregnancy Massage: A nurturing and relaxing massage to alleviate your physical discomforts associated with pregnancy, and induce an all over feeling of wellbeing. 30mins $65, 45mins $85,  60mins $100, 90mins $130

Specialty Massages

Aromatherapy Massage: A full body massage using the highest quality essential oils prescribed specifically for your particular health needs. This gentle, healing technique includes lymphatic drainage, acupressure points and energy balancing, helping to relax the nervous system. Essential oils and a healing touch will relieve pain caused by stress and strain on your body. 60mins $115 / 90mins $145

Elemental Massage: Totally unwind with a body treat in tune with your element. We start with your personal wildflower remedy then nurture and massage your body with mood enhancing elemental oils. With your personal aromatherapy blend matched to your individual needs and energy work releasing the energy in the chakras and meridians in your body, it is easy to let go and release all the stress and tension of modern day living. 60mins $115 / 90mins $145

Ayurvedic Chakra Massage: Begin your transit to tranquility with the healing touch of an aromatherapy massage and a beautiful facial cleanse with warmed aromatherapy towels. Complete your journey with flowing energy work movements and wildflower essences, lovingly delivered to every chakra centre, opening the heart, re-aligning mind, body and soul. This treatment is 90 minutes of bliss. 90mins / $250