The Oxygen facial for wrinkles and acne

by Better Back Program on November 2, 2010

The amazing Oxygen facial - anti-aging for wrinkles and blemishes and an effective acne treatment

ECHO2 Pure Oxygen Facial

Oxygen, together with key vitamins and minerals, is essential for the healthy metabolism of every cell in our body, including the skin cells. Studies show that the facial skin cells (when compared to more protected skin), are starved of the essential oxygen and nutrients they need to be healthy. This is primarily due to the fact that our facial skin is continually under attack from the outside with harsh environmental pollutants (free radicals).

The relaxing facial for clear skin and acne treatment

Our skin cells also suffer from the inside due to STRESS—high levels of stress or anxiety effectively ‘burn up” essential nutrients and oxygen disturbing the natural cell homeostasis,
the natural balance of the cell. These out of balance cells lose moisture, the cell wall collapses and the result we see with the naked eye is clear—ageing, fine lines, tired, stressed and dull skin.

How does Oxygen Therapy help you get clear skin?

With the Heritage Healers ECHO2 Oxygen Therapy System we soothe away internal stress with personalised healing therapies, then regenerate and boost the health of every skin cell with pure oxygen, plus essential vitamins and minerals for beautiful radiant stress-free youthful
skin. The instant visible results are amazing as we turn back the ageing clock.

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