Unwind and relax!

by Better Back Program on May 16, 2012

Be kind to your body – it’s the only one you’ve got!!

It seems like a rhetorical comment, but how often do you tell yourself to unwind and relax, and then actually do it?

Many people associate unwinding and relaxing with a putting their feet up in front of the TV. However, there are better ways to unwind and relax… a massage for instance or even better, regular massages. Massages work on so many different levels. I often have clients that come in for a massage because their back, shoulders or neck hurts. However, before it even comes to that, many things have already taken place and will need to be considered.

You might find that you have had a bad postural habit for years, and you couple this together with general wear and tear and that you knock yourself around a bit. It’s easy to see why the body can feel the way it does.

Think about it…..how often have you bumped your shoulder, lifted heavy things, slept in an awkward position, got stressed at work, had the baby on your hip, lifted that baby out of the cot and realised its weight had increased significantly over night, knocked your head on the overhead cupboard door that someone left open……simple daily tasks?? Of course your body takes it all and you forget about it. Then one morning you wake up and you can’t turn your neck!!Unwind and relax!

We expect our body to work perfectly all the time and only when it doesn’t, are we compelled to do something. Some people take painkillers and get on with it, whereas others ignore it altogether … unfortunately that only suppresses the signals that your body is  giving you.

Listen to your body! Try to feel into the pain and get an idea of its quality. Is it sharp or dull, shooting or burning, localized or broad? Is it worse in the morning or at night? Is there a difference depending on the weather, cold or hot, dry or humid? The more you know about your pain and your body the better for you, and a health professional can deal easier with the problems.

Think of massage as an unwinding tool. It’s almost like working backwards smoothing and unwinding all those little things that have accumulated over the years. Of course I’m not only talking about the things on a body level. Massage can help with emotional challenges as well. When you are stressed for whatever reason, the body will also react to these stresses. Your muscles tense, stress hormones are released, your body is in a flight or fight state.

Massage not only addresses the pain but also your stress and emotional upheaval. As I always say: ’Relax your body and free your soul’.

If you have any questions for me regarding this article or other concerns or problems, please contact me on 0414 612 369 or info@betterbackprogram.com.au.

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